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2017 Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix

For further details and to book tickets to attend, please visit the Silverstone website&... Read more >>


Formula Student

Formula Student is the world’s largest student engineering competition, run by the... Read more >>


Silverstone Classic

Join us for Silverstone Classic 2017 The packed weekend of the Silverstone Classic pro... Read more >>

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How to get involved


8 July - 16 July 2017
To see a list of events from 2016 - click here
Who should get involved:
Getting Involved - Guiding Criteria
Ultimately, you will have your own ideas and campaign concepts that will drive interest and awareness of motor sport in a way that is relevant to your organisation, and most likely, your ideas will be better focused on your local requirements.

In order to promote your initiatives under the National Motorsport Week, we’d like you to bear in mind the following guiding criteria:-

  • The event should engage the public at large, and reach those beyond the natural interest group for motor sport
  • Your event or campaign should, as far as reasonably possible, be accessible, and as such, should represent good value and not simply a revenue opportunity
  • It would be great if the event had some news value so we can add to the PR around the week

All participants whose campaigns and activities meet the criteria outlined are free to use the National Motorsport Week logos in association with all promotional literature, on websites and anywhere else with your local media outlets.

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